The Different Types of Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning is the science of vehicular and indoor environmental comfort through the regulation of external air temperatures. Its objective is to offer acceptable indoor air quality and thermal comfort to its users. It controls the temperature by opening and closing the air ducts and evaporator coils that exchange outside air and incoming air into the building or room.

 There are four air conditioner types in air conditioning Melbourne – heat pump air conditioners, cool air conditioners, and refrigerant air conditioners. Heat pump air conditioners use Freon to induce refrigerant into the refrigerant lines and distribute the refrigerant gas to all components of the system. Cool air conditioners use a liquid refrigerant to reduce cool air inside the room, while refrigerant air conditioners use Freon to dehumidify the space and draw warm air out of the area in which it is located. Air conditioners using Freon are more expensive than most other types of air conditioners. A drawback to this type of air conditioner is that the refrigerant must be returned to the compressor every time the air temperature falls below a pre-set level.

 The conventional type of air conditioning comprises a series of fans and vents that circulate the cooling air inside the room. This type of air conditioner also draws in outside air and circulates it back into the building. Since it uses a great deal of energy, this form of air conditioning requires a sufficient power source to operate.

 A condensing air conditioning system works by utilizing a refrigerant to freeze water into a solid form that can then be circulated into the air. Compressor forces cooled water into an air container. These air conditioners require the use of an external fan to circulate the cooled water through the system. As the air passes through the condensing coil, freezing water molecules are collated and removed from the air, thus reducing the air temperature. This type of air conditioning can reduce the room temperature by up to fifteen degrees, depending on the outside air temperatures.

 A hybrid air conditioning system works by combining the efficient operation of a room-by-room air conditioner with the efficient operation of evaporative cooling systems. These air conditioners can provide cool air throughout the entire house for a relatively low cost. The hybrid air conditioning system units extract cool air from the outdoor atmosphere and store it indoors. For these to work, these units need to have a Freon refrigerant circulating inside the building. These hybrid air conditioning systems are most often used in businesses and some homes at

 Cooling air using a Freon refrigerant is a good way of saving energy in business settings. The cooling effect of the Freon refrigerant reduces the amount of heat produced by the air conditioner. Also, the use of Freon reduces the need for cooling towers. This cooling effect is a good cooling solution for business and home settings, although research shows that the efficiency of this cooling method may reduce over time.