Shoe Sizes – How to Find the Correct Men’s Shoe Size

If you have always been afraid to try on mens shoes because you thought they might be too tight or small, today is your lucky day. We’ve all seen those men’s shoes that are either too big for your feet or way too small. Luckily, there is a simple way to ensure that you don’t have to suffer from bad men’s shoes for very long. Here’s what you need to do.

Find your men’s casual shoe size (right-hand side). Once you’ve found this place on the chart, check out the next column where it says “men’s size” and then find the corresponding ladies’ shoe size from that same column. Note that Oh Hi men’s shoes generally are a little wider than ladies shoes, even though most retailers follow this standard. So, if you’re trying on a pair of men’s chukkas, then make sure that your men’s shoes are indeed a half-inch wider than your ladies shoes for your best chance at a comfortable fit.

Now that you know your shoe sizes, you’re going to want to get yourself a pair of mens shoes that are in those sizes. There are several ways you can go about getting shoes in those sizes. Here’s a list of some of them:

Runner’s shoes are often sold in pairs. One set of runners shoes can usually accommodate two to three pairs of sneakers. Some popular brands like Nike, Adidas and others sell running shoes in this manner. Some major brands like Adidas don’t sell running sneakers, but many of their running shoes are compatible with other brands like Hanes.

Dress shoes are normally sold in either women’s or men’s sizes. Women’s dress shoes tend to be smaller than men’s, which explains the common tendency for ladies to wear them with a skirt. The shoe sizes for men’s dress shoes are usually between a man’s Shoe Size 7.5 and a Women’s Shoe Size 8.5. These shoes are often a bit wider than the men’s shoes, as they are more used with skirts and dresses. So here’s how you can go about finding a shoe that will fit:

And there you have it – the basic information you need to know about shoe sizes. Remember to always try the shoe on in the store before purchasing it, and once you have it, make a note of it when you receive formal occasions gifts from friends or family. When buying formal occasion gifts for your friends or family, shoes are one of the most popular items people will buy. So make sure you have a pair of mens shoes hanging up in your closet (or on your body) before giving them away!