How To Choose Custom Orthotics Adelaide

Orthotics is a particular medical discipline which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of orthotics. An orthotic is “a specially designed prosthetic appliance. Usually an orthopedic one used to change the functional and structural features of the skeletal and muscular system”. In simple terms, orthotics are devices that help a person to walk or move their body in a specific way to improve their quality of life. The development of orthotics Adelaide dates back to the 19th century. They were developed to alleviate pain, specifically foot pain.

One of the most common uses for orthotics today is to provide relief from the effects of arthritis and to improve mobility. Most arthritis sufferers and those seeking added mobility will turn to podiatrists for advice on using orthotics to relieve their discomfort and increase their motion range. Orthotics provide various functions and can be prescribed either over-the-counter inserts or specifically for each patient’s needs. Some orthotics will work more to relieve the symptoms of the condition than to cure it. For this reason, it’s essential to consult with a podiatrist to prescribe custom orthotics for your particular situation.

The first step in the diagnosis stage of orthotics Adelaide treatment is to note any discomfort you are experiencing. You should describe how the pain is affecting your daily life, and whether any restrictions you experience are restricting your activities. Your podiatrist will also likely want you to undergo diagnostic testing such as x-rays, MRI’s, or CAT scans.


Once you have had your tests, your orthotics specialist will create a treatment plan based on your specific needs. Depending on your condition and symptoms, you will be given different orthotics to wear, ranging from cushioned insoles to completely custom insoles. Often, orthotics will need a new pair of shoes, while some patients may need custom orthotics for every pair of shoes they own. The type of orthotics Adelaide you receive will depend on many factors, including how severe your condition is and how you are wearing your shoes. Many times, orthotics are customized to provide the greatest comfort and the most effective support.

While many people are comfortable using over-the-counter inserts, many suffer from adverse effects from these inserts. Because orthotics offer custom orthotics, they don’t have the same negative impact as over-the-counter inserts. When wearing custom orthotics, you won’t be at risk for additional painful conditions or issues caused by uncomfortable or poorly fitting orthotics.

Besides providing the support you need when walking or standing, over-the-counter and custom orthotics provide orthopedic benefits beyond pain relief. Custom orthotics can help protect your feet, increase your flexibility, correct joint alignment, and reduce foot fatigue. Over-the-counter inserts are available for most symptoms, but they may not be able to correct a specific issue.